Oahu's North Shore

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Oahu's North Shore  Oahu's North Shore  Oahu's North Shore

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Big day at Waimea Bay

Comments for Oahu's North Shore (5)

  1. #1 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Okay.....where is the peak and who dropped in on who?
  2. #2 Hawaiian Eye
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Waimea is a left so everyone should give way to the person deepest in the pocket..... Key word \"should\".... but like the LA freeway..everyones on their own..hehe
  3. #3 Hawaiian Eye
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    wow... No left in Waimea.... Losing it in my old age..hehe
  4. #4 mitchell
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Oh? Nice article in this months Surfers Journal with Mark Healy surfing the Waimea lefts
  5. #5 Hawaiian Eye
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Hmmm couldnt find it, but ill look for the issue when i get back home on monday. I saw a few pics, but it was at the pipe.. Thanks for the comments.. aloha