Oahu's North Shore

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Middles/Secret Spot  Oahu's North Shore

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Hawaiian Eye

When in doubt.. Bailout

Comments for Oahu's North Shore (4)

  1. #1 yourdirtymomma
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Okay, who forgot the \"Yikes!\" thought bubble?
  2. #2 Hawaiian Eye
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    Hey momma thanks for the response..hehe He was just one of the surfers that day bailing out on the huge pipeline waves...


  3. #3 idsmashh
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    I wonder if he got out after that?? Cause thats one tough mother effer if he took that on the head and then paddled right back out!!!
  4. #4 cepriano
    Re: Oahu's North Shore
    ^^^^^if u cant handle waves like that stay out the ocean!!!if u were smart ud see thats a pro during the pipemasters,why wouldnt he paddle back out on a 7ft day??