Custom for Eric

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Custom for Eric  Custom for Eric

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Custom for Eric

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  1. #1 dudeman
    Re: Custom for Eric
    what was the idea behind this?
  2. #2 PhILTAYLOR
    Re: Custom for Eric
    Hey ARC that shape will hold well with a single fin box as well. I made a very similar shape for a customer in Maine and he raved about it and talked me into making myself one. Blew my mind! Especially in overhead surf. I put side bites in mine and dont even use them. I ve since made several more for other guys and they say the same thing, single fin, no side bites in overhead high surf. Its an odd shape but extremely fun. My ranges were 6-0 to 6-4. If you added a single concave at the nose I know the thing would nose ride.
  3. #3 PhILTAYLOR
    Re: Custom for Eric
    Yours is beautiful by the way. And nice twinnies