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dsc 8938  Athena

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A lone morning session, post Sandy. Very rare for NJ. Good day, but might not have been worth the sinus infection.

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  1. #1 dreadhead
    Re: Athena
    did you cut a hole in the back of your hood to pull your locks thru? i've been debating the best way to do this all summer because last year i just didn't wear a hood and i got pretty chilly.
  2. #2 Whitiedred
    Re: Athena
    Hole in hood works OK on the warmer of hooded days, but washouts are pretty intense in big surf. The one in the pic is one of those rash guards with the hood sewn in that I wear under the suit. I highly recommend the O’Neill Mutant with the fully detachable hood. I can stick dreads out at the shoulders on either side between the hood and suit; it's not constricting and I have a good seal on the head. My 5/4 is almost too hot in 48deg water on a 35deg, 2hr morning sess, I can't wait till it cools off.