Surfside TX

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Surfside TX  Surfside TX  Surfside TX

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I am surfing in the jetty in Surfside and in Quintanna Beach

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    I have only been surfing for two years, but I was destined to learn this sport. It has engulfed my life, and its the best thing I have ever experienced. Surfside Texas has been an awesome place to learn to surf, because the winter time is when the surf is more consistent. And surfing on days when its 50 to 60 degree water temp and the air temp is in the 40s has molded me into an all around surfer conditions whise. However the swells that come through in the summer from hurricanes are the most memorable to me. My buddy that owns Zem Surfboards in Austin let me use his SUP over the last couple of months and I have taken a liking to it. The wave types in Surfside are diverse and they have enough quality about them to keep me in the water here. So if you wanna surf Surfside be prepared for flat spells in the summer and winter blues from the cold.