Winding down on 1/18/08

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Sponger 1  Winding down on 1/18/08  Winding down on 1/18/08

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Giving new meaning to the term -Duck Dive- in the face of a serious aerial. And no, he didn't pull off the aerial, but the duck dive was successful.

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: Winding down on 1/18/08
    i like this shot.
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Winding down on 1/18/08
    Thanks Micah! Clearly with the position of his lead foot (over the rail) he's not likely to hold it together. The duck diver could have cooperated more by leaving the tail of his board sticking out behind him, but I can see me yelling "Hold that pose" now. NOT. Stay tuned for the last displayable shots I have of the 1/18 swell. My last shot is riderless, but I think it sums up a great deal- leastways for me. In the meantime- a HUGE thank you to you for supplying this site which has become an invaluable resource for many- not the least of which are the infamous inlander wannabes.

    "It's all Swell" Even Bill Wise would have liked that tag line. I know I do, but then I'm 57 pushing 60. Cheezzzzzzzzzzz.