East Coast Trestles

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East Coast Trestles

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Mikey Mausteller CR  East Coast Trestles

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Located somewhere in South Jersey

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  1. #1 waverlysurf
    Re: East Coast Trestles
    this is embarassing. never claim east coast trestles. this is a pic of a close out
  2. #2 South Bethany
    Re: East Coast Trestles

    There is actually a spot near WW, NJ that people call trestles. No idea why. no Railroad and no perfect waves.

    There is also a spot in RI call trestles. It at least has the cobble stones.
  3. #3 seansteger
    Re: East Coast Trestles
    ha a close out... it was one of the best days of the month of September. Its based of the one in California, probability one of the only places called that around, Cape mAy witch is right next to it can be dead flat and here it can go off