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Mikey Mausteller CR  ClemsonSurf

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This morning.

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  1. #1 surf addict
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    Nice! But your earlier paintings had subtler details than this one.
  2. #2 H2O'C
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    Thanks! Current piece has a lighter stroke.
  3. #3 ClemsonSurf
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    Really cool H20'C. My artistically untrained vocabulary can't really express what it is that I like about you work but the shapes are very realistic but the coloring and imagery is very surreal. It gives a dream-like quality to a lot of your work. I showed my wife and she was very impressed too.
  4. #4 H2O'C
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    Thank You very much. You sparked this one the other morning. Seems like each painting has it's own style sometimes. Glad you guys like it, glad to share.
  5. #5 ClemsonSurf
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    H20'C, tried to PM you but it didn't work... weird. Anyway, shoot me a PM sometime if you see this.
  6. #6 ClemsonSurf
    Re: ClemsonSurf
    I can't respond on PM. Evidently you're not a known user. I'm letting the admin know.