Hurrican Noel

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Delaware  Hurrican Noel  Mike Revel Southside Christmas Eve.

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Hurrican Noel

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  1. #1 wontonwonton
    Re: Hurrican Noel
    thats sick on the backhand, big wave
  2. #2 DPR
    Re: Hurrican Noel
    I must have went the day after that because the waves wernt close to that big. Nice pic.
  3. #3 xgen70
    Re: Hurrican Noel
    "Nice pic."<<<<<<<<<<Thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    That be my picture..... The drop was good at least,
  4. #4 btownrevel
    Re: Hurrican Noel
    that was in oc... biggest backside barrel i ever had
    MIKE Revel