4-13-08 Long Island

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4-13-08 Long Island

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by Jbones
Eastside L.I. 3-20-08  4-13-08 Long Island  4-13-08 Long Island

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Qbell again

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    that is a mighty scoop.
  2. #2 OBlove
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    why are all these great waves blowing up and the people are just laying down on their bellies?
  3. #3 MDSurfer
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    Because this is a sponge site. . . and spongers like to get hammered, like what is about to happen to this guy from LBI. Look carefully and you can see it- in about ten more feet to his left, that's where his teeth get knocked loose. Gnarly dude. (I'm just trying to sound like "Sponge Bob" Jimbo.)

    Oh yeah, OBlove, your profile should say, "I am an Art Teacher," not "I am a Art Teacher." Sheesh. . . public education these days. Who the heck was your English teacher? I is correct aren't I?
  4. #4 jimbo_robinson
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    Ha, Oblove got served. I hate surfers that act like a holes to spongers. There aren't many, but there are some.
  5. #5 Jbones
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    OBlove it is obvious you haven't a clue at all but that's ok,we understand your kind.Oh and by the way...Qbell didn't get "hammered" he was shot out of this one kinda like a cannonball out of a cannon.You should try it one of these days,the high is like no other.
  6. #6 jimbo_robinson
    Re: 4-13-08 Long Island
    Long beach looks like the ****. real nice