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Mike Revel Sside  Delaware  Delaware

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Mike Revel Hurrican Noel

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  1. #1 livin4thesummer1
    Re: Delaware
    this looks familiar...where did you find it?
  2. #2 lostintubes
    Re: Delaware
    ha ha to bad thats October 2005
  3. #3 lostintubes
    Re: Delaware
    http://www.surfingoc.com/forum/index...eq=si&img=5099 << see
  4. #4 surf
    Re: Delaware
    Thats funny because that is actually Burr Monroe from Rehoboth. He is riding a 6'3 Spyder.
  5. #5 surf
    Re: Delaware
    It was the Wilma swell.
  6. #6 btownrevel
    Re: Delaware
    i know its not me...i put my name up for the next one and didnt mean to for this one...my friend sent it to me and said it was Noel...guess he was wrong
  7. #7 livin4thesummer1
    Re: Delaware
    i was joking, i know where you got it from, just noticing that not only did you post other peoples pictures but you got all the information about it wrong. nice job
  8. #8 lostintubes
    Re: Delaware
    is that why you put it on your myspace to?
  9. #9 MDSurfer
    Re: Delaware
    I'd say your cover is "BlownRevel." Maybe a better screen name for future posts.
  10. #10 xgen70
    Re: Delaware
    ...this type of crap cracks me up. Way to go.......btownrevel.