Camp Arrowhead Road

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5 9 08 De  Camp Arrowhead Road  5 9 08 On The Rocks

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  1. #1 freewax
    Re: Camp Arrowhead Road
    i actually drove through it. i know that was stupid, but "stupid is what stupid does" then i realized it was REALLY difficult to turn around on the other side ( now thats really really stupid). YOU KNOW IT's ALL ABOUT THE PICS
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Camp Arrowhead Road
    And here I thought that was just a normal Delaware Swamp. At least it wasn't salt water I trust. If so, expect to have to replace your brakes before too long. Did you get evacuated?
  3. #3 freewax
    Re: Camp Arrowhead Road
    salt, yes indian river/ herring creek. brackish with the backwash. i am doing new brakes and rotors too next week anyway. did you get out at all today, the cams did not show a whole lot of anyhing.
  4. #4 MDSurfer
    Re: Camp Arrowhead Road
    Victory at Sea (great movie in its day) pretty much everywhere. Supposed to clean up early tomorrow and low tide's before noon, so we can hope can't we. Oddly, water temp dropped two degrees. Usually with a northeast wind it picks up a few degrees.

    A couple of trees down outside of OC, that and lots of leaves and branches shredded all over the place, and of course Cape Isle of Wight was submerged, but then that's not unusual. South of here Pocomoke and Snow Hill became part of the river.