Bethany Dredger

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Bethany Dredger Bethany Dredger Assateague Island Beauty

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Well that sucks

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  1. #1 chadbrochill93
    Re: Bethany Dredger
    holy tit

    i didnt think this storm was gonna be that bad
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Bethany Dredger
    Instant point break. Cool. And didn't they see this one coming?

    The real tragedy here is that one person onboard died. Like I said elsewhere, be extra careful out there.

    They were researching the viability of building wind power generating towers off the DE coast. I guess they found it.
  3. #3 WaveHog
    Re: Bethany Dredger
    research boat
  4. #4 Bad Bug Surfing
    Re: Bethany Dredger
    Quote Originally Posted by WaveHog
    research boat
    sorry you are correct "research boat"
    The boat was offshore checking migritory birds, and they got in over their heads. They were airlifted to PRMC where one crew member later died.....

    I thought it was part of the dredging process, because it looked like the boat that was manuvering the cables for the bigger barge when the Army Corps were building the dunes.