Vb May, 14th 2008

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Vb May, 14th 2008  Vb May, 14th 2008  Vb May, 14th 2008

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Snapped these in between sessions...-Graham Reed

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  1. #1 freewax
    Re: Vb May, 14th 2008
    great shot. i wish my shutter would react a little quicker for this kinda shot
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Vb May, 14th 2008
    Generally for action shots you don't want less than 1/500th of a sec. on the shutter. If it's a film camera you have to use at least 200ASA film on a sunny day, or with digital you can adjust within the camera to compensate for the lighting you're dealing with. That, and a decent tripod or monopod really help as well.
  3. #3 freewax
    Re: Vb May, 14th 2008
    it's a digital fujifilm, but it won't do consecutive shots and i miss a lot. reaction time between the button press and the shot. i do get lucky with timing the shots.