Fun Shorebreak

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Fun Shorebreak  Fun Shorebreak

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2nd light sat a.m. shorebreak

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  1. #1 Jettylife521
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
    Give this guy some cred...ex-soldier who lost part of his leg in Iraq and is now trying to be back in the water...good luck dude! Thank you!
  2. #2 No.6rider
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
  3. #3 jimbo_robinson
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
    go home torist. KOOK and get off the site
  4. #4 spongeoc
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
    I absolutely love it. Jimbo from PA is now calling people kooks. Classic.
  5. #5 tyrone
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
    whatever man thats got to be at least triple over head
  6. #6
    r dizzle 04:59 PM
    r dizzle
    Re: Fun Shorebreak
    Jimbo- you are such a radical dude. your always callin out the Kooks. You must really rip. Dude you are soooo tubular. LOSER