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Just thought Id have some fun editin' this pic.

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  1. #1 Zippy
    Re: Inlet 2
    That looks cool! Is that Manasquan?
  2. #2 tbing
    Re: Inlet 2
    Did you get his permission? I'd be pissed if someone was messin' with my photos without my knowledge.

    BTW what did you do to it? give it a slight blue tint and darken it up?

    In the future, don't steal someones work, could be under penalty of law if its copyrighted.
  3. #3 OBlove
    Re: Inlet 2
    that is wrong. he can not be prosecuted. if the content he used was not owned and it could be proven that someone made money off of it, the judge might give it a look. but most likly not. even in a surf film, you can use someone elses music without permission because the content of the film was not advertised by the artist...just the surfing. I know these laws...I am a practicing artrist and my brother is in a cover band. people would love to try and say it's cheating, but this picture was simply edited and posted. not sold, or used for publication purposes or even advertised as his own. he simply said, "he edited it!" i think the pic is nice. but still, in tbing's expense-go take your own. you'll be more satisfied!
  4. #4 Swellinfo
    Re: Inlet 2
    ob, i dont think your right about using the music in a surf film. I mean, I DID IT! I used copyrighted music in MIA, but i its not actually legal, its just the only possible way to make a profit on a small distribution of videos. I bet the bigger surf vids get copyright permissions.

    Anyway, i think if you use someone else's work, you should always reference their work or else its like plagirism.
  5. #5 tbing
    Re: Inlet 2
    I said it could be under law. Not that it necessarily is, and its always nicer to have permission from them anyway.
  6. #6 Jettylife521
    Re: Inlet 2
    Sorry guys just thought I could do some stuff to it for fun. I didn't intend to hurt his work...or plagarize. Sorry.
  7. #7 ECkneelo
    Re: Inlet 2
    Yep, I am afraid your wrong OBlove, you cannot use music or photo's for anything without permission. It's been in the news that record companies have been suing people for just downloading music just to listen to it, not to sell it. And individuals have been losing, some losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your using music in a video that you didn't record, or isn't "canned music" like the stuff that comes with computer programs like iMovie, it's the same as stealing it.
    I know there is a lot of stuff on YouTube that is illegal, and someday people may regret what they did.
    Now, there are some things you can do as parodies, but stuff like that is complicated, and if you want to spend the money on a lawyer to defend yourself, then go ahead.
    The law is pretty strict when it comes to what you cannot do. For example, you cannot even make a clay sculpture of a photo of puppy dogs. That was a famous court case. The sculptor lost big time.
    When you lose in court for say a photo, you must pay whatever the judge thinks the photo is worth depending on what the photographer says they get for their work, and some other things. If the photo was also copyrighted with the US Copyright office, then your liable for "Puniative damages" also.
    Basically all work is copyrighted, but if the owner also has it dated officially with the post office which does these things, then your really screwed.
    Best way to think about things that your not sure of is to think of a book. You bought the book, but you cannot retype it and publish it under your own new made up company for money, or for free. You can't copy some pages, and sell them, or give them away. All you can do with the book you bought is read it, and sell the one copy you bought to someone else.
    Of course schools have deals with publishers that allows the teachers to copy the pages for class.
  8. #8 tbing
    Re: Inlet 2
    I didn't mean to start a flame war, or any kind of copyright issue. He might be cool with it, might not. Never hurts to ask.
  9. #9 MDSurfer
    Re: Inlet 2
    Kneelo is far more accurate than OBlove by a LONG shot. Creative and intellectual property is just that, Property. If you use it, and the owner/creator wants to pursue you for using it, you're gonna lose. If you think otherwise Oblove, then go ahead and use something with a Disney licensed property and see how fast they go after you. One error on Kneelo's part, schools do NOT have deals with publishers to copy pages for class. There is a seven day fair use clause, but that doesn't extend to blatant copying or use of any general sort. Property is property.

    If you do use someone else's work, it's always best to credit it, even though that does absolutely nothing to protect your usage, at least you are crediting the source. As an "ART" teacher, Oblove should know that.

    As an example, when you buy a music CD, you bought the rights to listen to it yourself, but you did NOT buy the rights to play it in public. A guy working in a sunglass shop in OC was grooving to his own CD's on the store sound system when ASCAP and BMI representatives came in and asked to see the store's license to play that music in public- needless to say, they couldn't produce it. Respect property rights- and always give credit where credit is due.

    As for what Jettylife did to the pic of Mike's, it looks like he adjusted the levels of the image to bump the shadows and highlights. He may have also tweaked the contrast a tad. I'd be interested to hear Mike Incitti's reaction to it- is he flattered or insulted? Assuming of course Mike actually took the shot- giddyup.
  10. #10 Jettylife521
    Re: Inlet 2
    Once again im sorry! Geez! Mike-Im sorry. Its a great shot and i just wanted to see if i can make it look better. Hope u understand...Swellinfo, can u just drop the pic or erase it. Its caused enough controversy...
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