Shore Whomp

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An Ancient Sage Once Said. . .  Shore Whomp  Longboardable

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Classic OCM Inlet at high tide. At low tide it was starting to work off the end of the jetty.

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  1. #1 South Bethany
    Re: Shore Whomp
    yeah the sand bars there have disappeared earlier than usual this summer...all the sand seems to pile up on the beach and the bottom gets deep..usually not until july or august
  2. #2 Lumpy
    Re: Shore Whomp
    Summer beach....
  3. #3 Justine
    Re: Shore Whomp
    MDSurfer....I have unfortunately seen you both take photos and try to surf, as well....to be quite honest your attitude against Bodyboarders in general is not even warranted....let alone, you should not even have the right to run such garbage when you cannot stand on your own two feet!!! The cheap sucker punches you think you're throwing are in-fact a waste of not only your time, but even more so my time because I'm actually catching waves every swell......so you can also cut out these "Surf Reports/Sessions" in your photo titles........Enough Said?