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Takeoff  Angry  Romanosky influence

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  1. #1 eastcoast_sponger
    Re: Angry
    sweet pic... looks mean =)
  2. #2 Justine
    Re: Angry
    Phil...how much longer do you have out there in SD???

    I haven't been Bodyboarding as much as I should back home, well, being inland doesn't help too much...and school has been my FIRST PRIORITY again!
    I'm still avoiding some of my favorite breaks in DE as...I'm sure you know why....and it bums me out every good swell because I could be having much, much, much, more fun than in Ocean City, etc.

    Well, I'm stoked for you...and every new photo you post because I know that you are happy and still Bodyboarding every day...and that in return makes me smile,

    I can tell I'm going to have to stop posting on silly Forums again....

    Please let me know when you're back home to visit...I might even be in SoCal very soon actually! I was going to do Manny's Costa Rica Freak Fest, but I just don't have the time/cash flow right now....