Heavy 2

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Looking Forward To Winter Waves!  Heavy 2  Heavy

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Bertha's long period pulses are coming...

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  1. #1 steamfed
    Re: Heavy 2
    that thing is breaking right on the sand. i definitely would not take my favorite board out on that wave.
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Heavy 2
    What kind of camera are you shooting these with and at what resolution and settings? Maybe tweak it a little less. Very contrasty. Does your Canon have a quality setting so you can shoot high res? TIFF and EPS formats contain the most information on an image. Jpg format is easier to compress, but tends to lose information with compression. Don't go for the maximum number of images on your photo flash card, go for the least and just buy a bigger media card to hold the larger images.
  3. #3 Jettylife521
    Re: Heavy 2
    Canon Powershot SD850 IS and idk the settings. I just edit it a tad. Mostly Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and Colors I mess with. Glad you guys like 'em
  4. #4 tikiwashi
    Re: Heavy 2
    i would love to take that!