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La Caja - Isla Cebaco - Panama  Panama  Panama

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A morning drainer. This wave looks better on photo...it was still really fun but it is only about head high.

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  1. #1 terra-firma intolerant
    Re: Panama
    only head high?
    You gotta be messing with our minds, WB rarely gets chest high!
  2. #2 Swellinfo
    Re: Panama
    looks inviting!
  3. #3 squirtis
    Re: Panama
    I know, I am back in Wilmington for a few months and it is killing me. Thinking of driving up to Hatteras for a chance on monday and tuesday...

    There are 15 foot tide changes so even on a real small day at the beachbreaks a morning low pushing in gives you something fun...I miss it