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360 - bad quality  12-26-06  mid-rollo.....tiny wave

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MB cam

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: 12-26-06
    monmouth firing!
  2. #2 eastcoastgilson
    Re: 12-26-06
    yah def. the coolest part about it is that cam is a still shot (about 1 every 30 seconds or minute) and i happened to be lookin at it during a perfect barreling wave.

    take your pick.........left? or right? hahah

    and its also cool that the color of the water looks like it is in the middle of july, but its late december
  3. #3 eastcoastgilson
    Re: 12-26-06
    Monmouth County

    Break: Darlington Avenue - Deal, New Jersey

    It fires there!