April 16th Morning

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by beaner
Virginia Beach Dreaming  April 16th Morning  47808 10150270504250156 822745155 14700195 3863842 N

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Shaun (sean?) Morrin getting ready for puerto

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: April 16th Morning

    Jerz is doing quite a good Puerto impression here!
  2. #2 Skarpia
    Re: April 16th Morning
    absolutely fantastic!
  3. #3 eastcoastgilson
    Re: April 16th Morning
    wheres this?

  4. #4 beaner
    Re: April 16th Morning
    hate to be a **** but can't really say...
  5. #5 sorensoren
    Re: April 16th Morning
    Holy Sh1t!!!! that has some serious size! i want that!
  6. #6 masccerplaya7
    Re: April 16th Morning
    How big is that!!
  7. #7 Swellinfo
    Re: April 16th Morning
    That is the imfamous DOUBLE O status that we tend to talk about, but rarely see. Easily Double O!
  8. #8 stout metalworks
    Re: April 16th Morning
    12ft all the way only the NE can hold this size that close to the beach! I've been on it that big only once on the eastcoast....it was in north Hatteras when Hurricane Fabian was off the coast.....but it was about a half mile off the beach and closing out every other set. This one looks like off the wall this January....just a lot colder...and.....brown.....jersey brown!
  9. #9 Chris_PeakeUSA
    Re: April 16th Morning
    That is a sick shot... how deep is the water that is breaking in? Looks so fun.
  10. #10 ritecoastsurfer3
    Re: April 16th Morning
    alright i know where the pic is at now, obviously i'll stay quiet but i will say i had no idea it gets that good at that spot 9/10 times it doesn't look good at all
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