Fast Little Tubes

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Sport?  Fast Little Tubes  Brian Stoehr

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Crisp offshores, with speedy backlit little tubes. Sorry about the proximity of the shot, all I had available was a little fixed focus point and shoot Sony.

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  1. #1 freewax
    Re: Fast Little Tubes
    i like it, the lighting on the water works.md or de?
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: Fast Little Tubes
    Quote Originally Posted by freewax
    i like it, the lighting on the water works.md or de?
    Mid Town Ocean City, about 8:30am, hence the backlighting. When I went up there today hoping for some little sets, the place was mobbed with Surf Fishermen all lined up with their monster trucks and sucking on cigars and cigarettes. It's like one crowd just replaced the other.
    If it hadn't been so crowded and chilly yesterday morning, I should have gotten into the water with that Sony camera. It's low res, 2mgp, but it's compact. It's a pain timing the shutter release also. A clear delay between pressing the button and actually getting the picture.