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November 08  Solitude  Lined Up

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Description by steelwave42


Dp shot from about a week ago... cloud line made it look like mountains behind the waves.

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  1. #1 wbsurfer
    Re: Solitude
    i love the clouds making it look like mountains.
  2. #2 surfde
    Re: Solitude
    the clouds look like a big wave
  3. #3 surferboi0911
    Re: Solitude
    that would be a HUGE MF'in wave
  4. #4 ECsponger
    Re: Solitude
    I wish it was a mountain that would be a nice change of scenery
  5. #5 chrisd468
    Re: Solitude
    Quote Originally Posted by surferboi0911
    that would be a HUGE MF'in wave
    the biggest wave EVER