Via Rippa

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Dec 21st  Via Rippa  Surfing Little Monmouth November/december

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some of the waves were breaking below sea level

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  1. #1 Lumpy
    Re: Via Rippa
    That is fun little nug....so 'rippable' lookin'...
  2. #2 NewJerseyNick
    Re: Via Rippa
    looks like jersey... or somewhere even colder
  3. #3 absurfer
    Re: Via Rippa
    it,s north sea bright new jersey by the cove restaraunt with like 25 mph offshores
  4. #4 bustedinbarbados
    Re: Via Rippa
    dude, i watch you surfin almost every day you're out when i'm comin home from school out at MAST on sandy hook....i really wanna hit up that spot, nice ass rights all the time