Monster Jelly!

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White Water?  Monster Jelly!  Oc Nj Right Now 2/19/09 1:30pm

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super fish

It didn't get me

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  1. #1 chad05gt
    Re: Monster Jelly!
    O.O WOW!

    Ocean > Gulf!

  2. #2 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Monster Jelly!
    Now you a police, huh. You do look older than your 20's. Hey, it's \"heroin\" not \"heroine.\" Heroine is a female hero. Crack doesn't make you itch. Opiates do though. Yeah you probably watched too much Tyrone Biggums on The Chapelle Show......crack don't make you itch. It grinds your teeth, makes you search your pockets, peek out your windows, search the floor...........

    Shred it up on Wednesday bra !!!!
  3. #3 cepriano
    Re: Monster Jelly!
    i cant seem to find your profile pic,but it looks like your with a bear!!thats probly the coolest pic on this site!