Impending Disaster

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Critical Mistake?  Impending Disaster  Ocean City, Md 2/19/09

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Navigating the impact zone on a good day. It's a time tested judgement call. At exactly what point do you initiate the duck-dive, especially when you haven't seen waves like these for months?

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  1. #1 delsurfer88
    Re: Impending Disaster
    same thing happened to me on thursday except the wave broke like 3 feet in front of me and duckdived to early and got thrown around like a ragdoll
  2. #2 LVl<E
    Re: Impending Disaster
    had a random set come in on thursday and had to make a dash to get out there in time...duckdived too late and had ti break right on my back....looked like a beauty of a wave with a deep barrel but no one made it on it.
  3. #3 terra-firma intolerant
    Re: Impending Disaster
    That happened to me too on thusrday except my shortest board is a fish and I could barely duck-dive at all, I don't have any idea how I made it beneath the wave. if I was that guy, i would paddle as hard as I could into the face and try to punch through = easier than duckdiving a 6'4 fish. But he probably has a shortboard.
  4. #4 freewax
    Re: Impending Disaster
    the real meaning of getting pounded !!
  5. #5 radicalbro1026
    Re: Impending Disaster
    naaa that guy could so make it through the face
  6. #6 jk06385
    Re: Impending Disaster
    defiantley made it
  7. #7 WBLoafer
    Re: Impending Disaster
    I'd take 20 of these on the head right in the impact zone just to get a chance to charge one with some juice like this...our SE mush is a joke.
  8. #8 pvjumper05
    Re: Impending Disaster
    JUICE IT!!!!!!