3/22/09 Squan

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3/22/09 Squan  3/22/09 Squan  3/22/09 Squan

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  1. #1 ridewaves
    Re: 3/22/09 Squan
    i wish it was this good when i went out there today.. damn high tide killed it towards the evening.

    did you get any shots of a bodyboarder between 3:30 and 4:30 off the little jetty to the side of the main one? that was me.
  2. #2 RainWizard112
    Re: 3/22/09 Squan
    Ya the morning was great. High tide did make it crap out.....umm. i may have gotten a shot of you. I got two pics of bodyboarders. I'll look for you man.