03/18/09 IR

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03/18/09 IR  03/18/09 IR  03/18/09 IR

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Backside bail

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  1. #1 Justine
    Re: 03/18/09 IR
    no offense MDSurfer, you are free to shoot photos wherever and whomever, but you should try and MIX UP YOUR VARIETY of riders and waves........conditions, types of waves all around, etc....it's getting old looking at the same cutback shot, however; your empty wave shots are pretty cool..........anyway, if your allowed entry, that is, hop over to the south end where the real action and stand-up chargers along with bodyboarders,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. #2 MDSurfer
    Re: 03/18/09 IR
    No offense taken Justine, but for the record, that's not a "cutback," In order to "cutback" you have to establish your line in one direction and then reverse it, hence the nomenclature "cutback." This guy is bailing out, or just plain falling on his keister.

    In the meantime, enjoy your finless "slide-backs" and "spinners." No offense intended. I'm not likely to return to IR anytime soon since the rangers like to ticket for parking all winter long. What's up with that?