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3/27/09 Jersey  Lindsay  Lindsay

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jay cagney

island beach

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  1. #1 surferboi0911
    Re: Lindsay
    so who's lindsay?
  2. #2 jay cagney
    Re: Lindsay
    my girlfriend
  3. #3 chadbrochill93
    Re: Lindsay
    yea im legit....i post pictures of my girlfriend on swellinfo
  4. #4 jay cagney
    Re: Lindsay
    yeah, i tend to post my photography on swellinfo, no matter what it may be. this ones just surf related.
  5. #5 MDSurfer
    Re: Lindsay
    It's not a Cagney photo unless it's a night shot and there are lots of slave strobes all over the place.
  6. #6 jay cagney
    Re: Lindsay
    hahah true, well i'm working on that