Ocmd 3/27

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Ocmd 3/27  Ocmd 3/27  Ocmd 3/27

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  1. #1 DPR
    Re: Ocmd 3/27
    Are u using a go pro?
  2. #2 OCannibal
    Re: Ocmd 3/27
    No I have an olympus stylus 1050 SW, an arm band and a floating strap and it works great. I had to make an elastic strap to make sure it doesn't fall out of the arm band but I wear the floating strap higher on my arm so even if it did fall off its not going anywhere. I bought it at costco and I think its $200 for the camera a 1gb memory card and a case now. Its 10 megapixels but I use burst mode which takes 3 megapixel pictures. Only problem I have had with it is that the labels on the wheel which changes from video mode to camera and playback rubbed off from my gloves - not a big deal.

    I would definitely recommend it if you go out with multiple people and would like to get action shots from the water.

    I had a go pro digital hero 3 and it broke in like 7 different ways within a week. Junk in my opinion.

    Also it looks like and works like a 10 mp camera for taking pictures aside from surfing.