New Willey Board

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New Willey Board  New Willey Board  New Willey Board

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6'2" x 19" x 2 1/4" #1 lb eps foam core, 1/16" balsa skin, okoume perimeter stringers, gortex vent plug, flex tail, quad fin

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  1. #1 rustysrfr
    Re: New Willey Board
    sweet board. how much does that run? i like the weight bench/surf rack combo ha
  2. #2 steamfed
    Re: New Willey Board
    oh man that thing is so sick. are you selling that?
  3. #3 willeyboards
    Re: New Willey Board
    Im not selling this board, but I do make them, usually I take an order for 4 or 5 a season. I sell shortboards for around $650. They take a long time to build, but they are indestructible, light and they have really good flex. I built my first balsa skin board 2 years ago, i have taken it on 3 overseas trips and have yet to put a pressure ding on it.