Lookin Out

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  1. #1 tbing
    Re: Lookin Out
    sweettt pic bro... oh **** i can be sarcastic too
  2. #2 Ed Zachary
    Re: Lookin Out
    Classic pic bro !!! keep it up !!
  3. #3 DKMBPIT
    Re: Lookin Out
    Quote Originally Posted by tbing
    sweettt pic bro... oh **** i can be sarcastic too
    Good on ya mate!!!
  4. #4 tbing
    Re: Lookin Out
    I know right? Get your gopro cam and get back in the waterrrr dawg
  5. #5 DKMBPIT
    Re: Lookin Out
    Unfortunately my cannon power shot sd600 was jacked out of my car bout a year and a half ago. I just stumbled onto these pics I had in an old computer and figured I'd post em up for all to see. I wish I had more experience with macro back then. Soon enough I'll be back shooting in the water, its almost more enjoyable than bodyboarding and surfing...
  6. #6 tbing
    Re: Lookin Out
    Ha, I hear ya. I shoot more than surf now. I'm looking for a housing for my Nikon, but thats another $1500...

    (I was just being a sarcastic asshole, I do like the shot)