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  1. #1 GotBarreled?
    Re: Img 1149
    this has to be long beach
  2. #2 super fish
    Re: Img 1149
    north oc nj
  3. #3 cepriano
    Re: Img 1149
    thats an awesome shot.looks like my spot in northern nj,but i guess oc has the same jettys
  4. #4 SouthjettyBill
    Re: Img 1149
    Fish, you want to be a Jersey dude.......come on up, Fish. Get a policing job at one of the Jersey beaches. Besides AC, Wildwood and Asbury they are a cake walk........All you do is write speeding tickets, hassle teen-agers and chase pot heads.......It's pretty kush dude......Come on up and we'll shred under-head peaks together.

    I love you very much........