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Just Practicing  Loudini  Loudini Of New Jersey

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Loudini stylin it at FDR.

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  1. #1 surfde
    Re: Loudini
    how did you make that?
  2. #2 ECkneelo
    Re: Loudini
    Loudini made it, it's a boogie board velcro'd to a wide long board with those big trucks that have a third wheel, but he took the third wheel off. Thing is fun, we were walking all over the deck like a longboard. Lou would run and dive on, then get up like surfing.
  3. #3 JERSEYboarder
    Re: Loudini
    thats sooooo cool i want one
  4. #4 pvjumper05
    Re: Loudini
    ahh FDR, i remember eating it hard in the bowl one time, err a few times
  5. #5 headhigh
    Re: Loudini
    noooo he butchered a freebord! those things are so fun