Serious Shrinkage!

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Mid-Town Surfing Beach 7/22/09
Maybe it's the angle, maybe it's just me, but this is beginning to look like some SERIOUS Shrinkage. Whatdaya think?
If you look closely, the right hand arrow is actually pointing to the non-surf-beach-guard sitting on his white stand, so the yellow surf-guard stand is actually closer.

Comments for Serious Shrinkage! (7)

  1. #1 Zippy
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    Barely enough space for 2 close friends,crazy.
  2. #2 ECkneelo
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    You guys should assemble a large group of surfers, and bombard a city council meeting and complain. I would join you if I lived nearby. If you do it, announce it here. That looks ridiculous!
  3. #3 superbust
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    Im down with that idea man, it is ridiculous. i was surfing the other day and there were atleast 30 guys. so I had like 5 waves and left. we need a good 4-5 streets sometimes.
  4. #4 jettyhead
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    is that because of the shark warnings maybe
  5. #5 ECsponger
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    There's been talk of sharks but those are the Surf Guards, not shark guards. It is BS for you guys and I will go to City Hall with ya.
  6. #6 wang
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    Count me in! When's the next Council Meeting? Do they have a website?
  7. #7 dirtythirty34
    Re: Serious Shrinkage!
    i agree, surfed on tuesday and had a total of 3 waves that i was on by myself. its so dumb and the fact that the people guarding these beaches have no clue about surfing so if you sit anywhere near the line the whistle, the more they whistle the more i could care less about them.