Tron. Backyard Skimming

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by nden65
3/22/09 Ocmd  Tron. Backyard Skimming  Kelcey Ocmd 8/3/09

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  1. #1 mOtion732
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    what the f*ck is this
  2. #2 swell lover
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    Quote Originally Posted by mOtion732
    what the f*ck is this
    It's people having fun without the ocean... how hard is that to see?

    I like the sequence, holmes. Gotta do something till ya guys get some waves!
  3. #3 ECkneelo
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    Hell yeah!
  4. #4 nden65
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    i didnt think it was that hard to tell that it is someone standing on a bodyboard, in the rain, in a puddle in the grass...i thought it would be pretty easy to see that but i guess not for some people... glad some people understand
  5. #5 mOtion732
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    oh, thanks for the clarification.

    fyi - this is a surfing website. not to be confused with riding mud on a bodyboard
  6. #6 nden65
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    sorry i didnt know it was a surfing only website... my bad. if you dont like that pic then look at the rest of my photos...everyone else seems to enjoy them on this surfing only website. also if you didnt know before these pictures are posted you have to submit them for approval...If someone who runs this website is approving these pictures then that must mean they dont mind them being on here. and if you dont like it then you should say something to them. last its your option to click on the little thumbnail to view the picture. if you dont want to look at it then just dont click it. its pretty simple.. in 2 days 655 have viewed it and your the only one that has said anything negative about it. i just started posting pics 2 months ago and have managed to get 3 of my photos in the last 2 months photos of the month and have racked up a good amount of views...i think this one could be in the running for next months with all those views already
  7. #7 mOtion732
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    if you're going to post stuff up, you should be willing to accept both positive and negative criticism.

    other people may think it's cool to run and jump on a bodyboard in the mud, but i personally do not.
  8. #8 Got it in Focus
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    I read your hate note but maybe you should ask him how many times he has looked at the photos of the girls?? surfing or not somethings just get our human attention.
    **** look how many have view that girls photo on most popular photos... and then tell him to go to the beach and enjoy the day God has given him another........ Aloha and I do enjoy the surfing more but we are all not the same.............
  9. #9 itsjustseiter
    Re: Tron. Backyard Skimming
    mOtion732 is a c*nt.... RESPECT for thinking out side the box nden65.