Ocmd 9-11-09

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Ocmd 9-11-09  Ocmd 9-11-09  Left Setup

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Midtown. Midday

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  1. #1 chadbrochill93
    Re: Ocmd 9-11-09

  2. #2 onlyinmyfiji
    Re: Ocmd 9-11-09
    SICK!!!!! DUDE!!!!!
  3. #3 bradflora00
    Re: Ocmd 9-11-09
    ya vince, retarded day
  4. #4 Justine
    Re: Ocmd 9-11-09
    Sick one, Vince.....what's with the SuperMan Red color....haha...?!?! Or maybe you should just go all white/silver like Kelly...hehehe

    BTW: How's the ankle??? Seriously, hope it's alright, but in all fairness...ya know...I'd love to see that video/wave capture of our "tandem nightmare" in the shorepound????........Let me know, 'cause I remember you jumped Superman style into the barrel as I scooped over your board and rode out the sandmonster...
  5. #5 benz is an alien
    Re: Ocmd 9-11-09
    justine ur a kook sorry its true nice wave