Question Everything!

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OCM, 02/19/09  Question Everything!  Celebrate The Barcode

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What do you think causes this: 1) The ease of the paddle 2) The quality of the wave 3) The number of your close personal friends 4) The overwhelming desire to be seen 5) The fact that there's a camera that's always on?

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  1. #1 Zippy
    Re: Question Everything!
    Overwhelming desire to be seen and the camera.
  2. #2 bb.rider
    Re: Question Everything!
    mob mentality
  3. #3 starkasm
    Re: Question Everything!
    I think it's both. Glad my break doesn't have a cam. It's like moths to a flame. My Ex would call them Bobbers. That's all they do. I will say it again. Surfing is not a team sport.

    Oh BTW - Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery
  4. #4 Joel
    Re: Question Everything!
    I'm guessing this screen shot is from today - 10/10. Funny thing is, I looked there first thing this morning, it was packed as you can see. I ended up going to a lesser known break in OC which was working better and there was no one out most of the time.
  5. #5 JDallam
    Re: Question Everything!
    everyone realizes that 48th gets crowded, i bet the more we complain about it the less people will show up there, right???? numbers will drop as the water temp drops
  6. #6 benz is an alien
    Re: Question Everything!
    its flat dont matter where ya paddle out