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Get Out Your Gun  Ocmd  Ocmd

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  1. #1 Xtreme*Liquidshredda
    Re: Ocmd
    dang, i keep seeing some gnarley shots from oc
  2. #2 Swellinfo
    Re: Ocmd
    sick one !!
  3. #3 bmore surf
    Re: Ocmd
    beautiful...just beautiful
  4. #4 SearchForShacks
    Re: Ocmd
    sick shot.. when? hopefully we see some more like this on the weekend
  5. #5 ECsponger
    Re: Ocmd
    Yeah seriously when was this taken?
  6. #6 oBx FATJ
    Re: Ocmd
    Sick shot of me how did you find my secret spot
  7. #7 JZ02
    Re: Ocmd
    to me it looks like sandy point state park... definitely not oc
  8. #8 CharlieInOC
    Re: Ocmd
    more like on the week days
  9. #9 nden65
    Re: Ocmd
  10. #10 Dixon Cider
    Re: Ocmd
    Looks like Tuesday, 11/3. Fun swell. Out by myself at Assateague for a while, then cruised into town for some company in the lineup.