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pretty much as close to perfect as you could ask for. LBI, early june '07

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  1. #1 eastcoastgilson
    Re: n20100112_30999706_4466
    no offense, but how is this perfection?!?
  2. #2 rustysjp1
    Re: n20100112_30999706_4466
    6-8 and dredging barrels off the jetty with minimal current. Given the current state of swell for the east coast, that sounds pretty perfect to me.
  3. #3 eastcoastgilson
    Re: n20100112_30999706_4466
    yah it was like that in monmouth beach also

    i thought u were referring to the picture as perfection
  4. #4 rustysjp1
    Re: n20100112_30999706_4466
    ha not exactly, i was the one in the picture not taking it.