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paddling out

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  1. #1 eastcoastgilson
    Re: n20100112_30999712_5784
    august 8th?!?!?!?

    so much funnnnnn on the bodyboard

    where is this taken?
  2. #2 rustysjp1
    Re: n20100112_30999712_5784
    bodyboard? ha. it was in LBI toward the south end at a special little spot, had'em all to myself the whole afternoon. It was taken during that early june swell that lit up the east coast like christmas. it was about 6-8 with 5-10 offshores and just perfect.
  3. #3 eastcoastgilson
    Re: n20100112_30999712_5784
    o yah i remember that swell.........and dont get at bodyboarders.....most of this forum (including the creator), bodyboard

    yesterday, at spring lake, no1 was surfing the close to shore, dredging, gaping barrelsssssss

    only bodyboarding
  4. #4 rustysjp1
    Re: n20100112_30999712_5784
    i didn't mean to offend any body boarders... I used to body board I just outgrew it, too tall for my board, especially in bigger waves so i started surfing. wish i was still a bodyboarder, pretty anything with a barrel sounds good these days.
  5. #5 eastcoastgilson
    Re: n20100112_30999712_5784
    its all good......break out the sponge in the shorebreak!!!