Creepy Aframe

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Ei 12-14-09  Creepy Aframe  Danny

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  1. #1 Boss
    Re: Creepy Aframe
  2. #2 mexsurfer
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    it looks like a darker water version of salsa brava
  3. #3 eastcoast_sponger
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    what a sick shot. mad props
  4. #4 rgnsup
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    I don't think that looks like Salsa at all.
  5. #5 WBLoafer
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    Looks like something out of Lord Of The Rings.

    That shot is wicked cool!
  6. #6 Enjoytheslide
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    yea sorry... i dont think it looks like SB at all
  7. #7 Swellinfo
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    would have to have a gnarly looking channel to resemble Salsa.
  8. #8 www.surferphotos.com
    Re: Creepy Aframe
    Thanks everyone, def. not Salsa but I'll take it