Sun Skipper Aug 20

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me  Sun Skipper Aug 20  Sunrise 8-18-07 eastside L.I.

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  1. #1 steelwave42
    Re: Sun Skipper Aug 20
    really good shot... whoever that is riding it looks like ya got a nice style.
  2. #2 iripharderthanyou
    Re: Sun Skipper Aug 20
    sick shot-----glad to see someone throwing a big fins-out maneuver
  3. #3 iripharderthanyou
    Re: Sun Skipper Aug 20
    Quote Originally Posted by surfdaearth
    oh, by the way..... if you ever surf sunskipper, remember one thing... Respect the locals. There is a handful who surf there everyday; if you don't know who they are, ask. Also don't bring your beginner friend to surf there... go to wb.
    Who the f*uck are you talking too? This coming from a guy his has no pictures or any real proof he surfs at all, you can check mine out if you want, I've got the balls to post em... I love how the it's always birds like you who play the surf nazi.....