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Deanwednesday3  Deanwednesday1  Aug. 2nd 2007

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Dean in the Gulf

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  1. #1 Swellinfo
    Re: Deanwednesday1
    sweet. I see you took the drive west. what is that sticking out of the water?
  2. #2 RUSS-D
    Re: Deanwednesday1
    Actualy I live West. I am a Gulfster born and raised. That is a bouy used to designate swim areas from boating areas. They have them on quite a few Beaches around here. With out them boats buzz swimmers near shore, and SUP'rs ( I know, they do it to me once in a while LOL).
  3. #3 fltraveler
    Re: Deanwednesday1
    amazing day of waves... i wish cat 5s would sit in the yuc channel all the time. as long as noone gets hurt. prolly had some 45 second rides this day at my local spot.