Oc Pipe

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Oil  Oc Pipe

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a great way to end a memorable Fall 2009.

Comments for Oc Pipe (8)

  1. #1 liquidperspectives
    Re: Oc Pipe
    sick shot!
  2. #2 DaveyB
    Re: Oc Pipe
    yeah folzz sick shot!!!! such a great morning n fun evening
  3. #3 superbust
    Re: Oc Pipe
    thats what im talkin about! is that Ida?
  4. #4 nden65
    Re: Oc Pipe
    looks like last sunday....nice shot
  5. #5 OCsp0nger005
    Re: Oc Pipe
    great shot! really like this
  6. #6 SaltH20
    Re: Oc Pipe
    and nobody out?
  7. #7 DaveyB
    Re: Oc Pipe
    Quote Originally Posted by SaltH20
    and nobody out?
    there was a few of us that could make the paddle out, i bet u weren't out there tho.
  8. #8 goofball
    Re: Oc Pipe
    nicest wave ive ever seen in oc. i wish i was there