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  1. #1 Sirius
    Re: Ocmd
    Nice. Im looking for some underwater housing for my camera. You using a DSLR or just a point and shoot with these.
  2. #2 itsjustseiter
    Re: Ocmd
    I'm using a canon DSLR with an SPL housing. What kind of camera do you have?
  3. #3 Sirius
    Re: Ocmd
    Nikon DSLR, been looking around for housing and it looks like the no leak housing is gonna cost as much as the camera. But if i'm getting pounded in surf it's gotta be some good stuff. Where'd you get it?
  4. #4 itsjustseiter
    Re: Ocmd
    Yeah the housings usually cost more then the cameras, Best money I ever spent though. Check eBay once a week cause SPL Housings show up sometimes . First one I got was through Ebay Australia, got the exchange rate to help me out a little, ended up getting it for right under 600usd. I also searched
    craigslist up and down California for about 3 months. Hope that helps some.