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New Jersey  1.18.2010  12.20

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  1. #1 eastcoast_sponger
    Re: 1.18.2010
    where was this taken?? and why is it empty!?
  2. #2 benz is an alien
    Re: 1.18.2010
    cause its freezing
  3. #3 austinj215
    Re: 1.18.2010
    Hey... Is that at the vetnor boardwalk?
  4. #4 njshackcitysuckas
    Re: 1.18.2010
    was this today? 1/18
  5. #5 SeaDaddy
    Re: 1.18.2010
    I would definitely say it's Margate or Ventnor. I've lived there for years now and unless there is another boardwalk with that herringbone style planking and benches you got me. Unless it summer there never that many surfers because there are better places. I've seen it real big but never this perfect, pulse it breaks VERY far out when it gets that size.
  6. #6 pumphouse
    Re: 1.18.2010
    looks like a hell of a paddle