It's Just Not Fair!

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It's Just Not Fair!

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Feb 10 Swell Start  It's Just Not Fair!  Dec. 03, 2009

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A tale of two towns and a separation of. . . Total Travel Estimate: 5 hours 31 minutes / 274.64 miles Fuel Cost: $41.77 @ 18 MPG. Should I go now, or wait until the water temp goes above 70?

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  1. #1 OCsp0nger005
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    it isnt fair at all
  2. #2 Zippy
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    Is that real 69 degree water? I swear when I was there in November it was 60 or less.
  3. #3 epidemicepic
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    yeah i think that that buoy must be in the gulf stream, i think its colder near shore
  4. #4 surfde
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    its around 55 i think
  5. #5 ECboarder
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    frisco is deffinetely about 69. i was there about a week ago and it was so f***ing warm!
  6. #6 STOKED
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    I'm thinking you would have been in for a surprise if you made the trip, just paddled out near Wrighsville Beach which is a good bit south and always warmer than hatteras. Water temp here is at 46 and the air temp was around 34. I was in hatty a month ago and the water temps were 45-46 im guessing it's around 40 right now. Got a few months to go before it will hit 70 up there.
  7. #7 aussiesurf1
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    surfline is saying that the h2o temp in buxton is 43-46
  8. #8 swell lover
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    Yea, can't be right. Only in the mid-50's in Central Florida. It might be in the 70's way down south of here. Gotta be a glitch.
  9. #9 OGmd
    Re: It's Just Not Fair!
    i dont wanna ruin ur entire sob story here but im going to assume the buoy is just messed up because here in st. augustine about 4 days ago the water temperature was allegedly 70 and that was complete bs it was 56 and still is the buoys just glitch sometimes like swell lover said. I'm sure you're spot on with the air temp though hahaha