Folly Beach Sc

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The WashOut this morning.  Folly Beach Sc

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Just an average, so so day out @ Folly

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  1. #1 Scobeyville
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    This is not folley beach, is it????
  2. #2 xgen70
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    was that really down in SC?
  3. #3 ECboarder
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    no way! that is not
  4. #4 Shakagrom
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    **** looks like Pipeline
  5. #5 monkeytrapper
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    Okay, it's not Folly Beach. It's actually about 30 minutes away @ Isle of Palms, SC
  6. #6 Ed Zachary
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    Is it 'ok' if I scream bullsh!$!! ?
  7. #7 Greenbackmusic
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    yeah, thats not folly its Isle of Palms. I was out at that day, the IOP posse all over everywave, but I managed to snake a few. It was mushburgers until the winds switched and the swell started macking. I would like pull in and i was like "tubular!" then I was like "close out!"..."ahahaha"..."chandeliers!!!"..."I ****ing made it!!!!"
  8. #8 Mike Vivs
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    does this guy get wrecked or what?
  9. #9 chillisurfer
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    Wow thats huge, if that is really SC
  10. #10 captblueshorts
    Re: Folly Beach Sc
    no this photo was not even taken on the east coast USA
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